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Yu Yu Hakusho
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What is FanFiction? FanFiction is where you take a show...say Dragon Ball Z and give it a twist! Like Vegeta cheats on Bulma for one of your original characters.
Let me give you some of the "lingo" that writers use.
OC: Original Character (made by the writer and no one else can use it)
OOC: Out Of Character (When Characters Aren't Themselves. Like Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho Being Nice)
AU: Alternate Universe (Not with the same plot. Like Gohan being raised a prince on the Saiyan World. And Vegeta starts on the good side)
CYOA: Choose Your Own Adventure (Where you put yourself in the story and write "You" instead of "she" or "her" The most popular genre)
So...what more is there to say? Oh, but here are some sites. (No CYOAs but still reliable) (All genres, non-anime, and G - NC-17 Ratings)
FictionPress.con (Your own original stories without copyrighted characters) (R and NC-17 stories ONLY!!!!)

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