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Welcome to Anime-Otaku Online! Your ultimate sourse for the Hottest Anime/Manga!
This site is an online mag and we will be featuring different information about the hottest anime's. And the top 5 anime, bishies, and bishojos!! So, call me Anime (Yea, anime) And let's get started!

In this issue...
All About Inuyasha [Meep! Who can resist the ears?]
The Bishie of the Month! [The dudes that make fangirls scream!]
The Bishoujo of the Month! [What is it with these sexy ladies?]
Some Famous Yu Yu Hakusho quotes from All you fave characters[What did you say?]


9/18/04: MF family updated, welcome overlord, blackmage, chris, and sweetleaf^_^
9/14/04: MoonFantasy Family Updated ^^: welcome, moonlady, D12, and TSS ^_^ (i haven't given you the site have i? *gasp* look in links ^_^
8/18/04: MoonFantasy Update. Welcome Myst!
8/o3/o4: MoonFantasy Update. Welcome Daku!
7/23/04: MoonFantasy Family Updated
7/18/04: Site is up and running!


The Goddess Belldandy from the hit Manga, "Ah, My Goddess"

The Online Mag for your favorite anime and Manga!